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Business Consulting Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose the Long Term Support Program?

Why do you target small businesses?

Small businesses are the fastest growing segment of the economy and owners can only grow as fast as their access to expertise allows. Alan Enterprises provides the often critical tools to remove business obstacles and to launch explosive growth. Owners are able to quickly make changes that have a dramatic positive impact on the business and that re-energize the entire company. There is nothing more exciting than that!

Why should I take advantage of the initial consultation?

All business owners can benefit from discussing their business concerns and future plans with a caring third party professional. Initial consultations are complimentary, and usually take about two hours. In that time you will have the opportunity to discuss anything you like, whether it’s future plans or any current particular concerns or issues.

To get the best value from this initial meeting, it is best that all the key decision-makers are involved. There is no “hard sell”, or formal presentation, just an opportunity to discuss your business with an experienced business person who can give you an outside view. All discussions are entirely private – the associate who visits you will provide you with a confidentiality agreement so you can feel comfortable about discussing your business.

The employer generally gets the employees he deserves – Walter Gilbey

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