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Today more than ever, business owners need proven strategies to build revenues and increase profits and cash flow.

Alan Enterprises helps you with your business challenges: creating and implementing strategy, helping you define and manage your revenue and expenses drivers, growing revenue, plugging the cash flow drains, raising funding, and improving operational performance.

Our success is based solely on helping you achieve your goals and dreams. Alan Enterprises is an advisory firm operating within the Michiana, helping owners of small to medium sized businesses achieve their vision and improve performance.

Do you run a small to medium sized business?

Many owners are struggling with a growing list of projects and problems in the face of time, money and, in particular, personnel constraints.

Frequently, we hear “I need to focus on strategy and growth, but I am weighed down with daily operations, profitability and people problems. I’m not sure what to do next or how to get it done!”

Inevitably, the day-to-day work needed to keep your business running takes precedence over new projects that could create competitive advantage or spur business growth. There is frequently some mismatch between the skills in your organization and the tasks that need to be done, resulting in frustration, long hours and the feeling that you just can’t get ahead.

There is a better way. Alan Enterprises works with owners of small to medium sized businesses to develop and implement the right strategies and tactics to build revenues, increase cash flow and meet their long term business and personal goals. We provide affordable, hands-on help to you and your team in many areas of business and provide you with the confidant you need to work through your options.

Our success is based solely on helping you achieve your goals and dreams. Call us for a complimentary, confidential, two hour consultation

You can’t run a business without taking risks

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